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Welcome to the Blair Thorson website, featuring his artwork from 

"All Over the Map", which is the best way to describe Blair's artwork. His instantly recognizable watercolours painted on maps feature subjects that are indigenous to the area depicted, or objects of historical or cultural interest.  His artwork reflects the Northern lands in which he lives and has travelled.
     Blair feels that painting on a map captures time, place and space on a two dimensional surface as well as keeping them out of the landfill.  He has added the element of copper to his artwork to help to emphasize the story being told by the image in the painting.  Every piece is an Original, he does not make prints. 

Cartoon Art Instruction:  Step by step isntruction for children's
cartooning classes.  Fun, educational and productive.

What's New:  Blair has been expanding his creative talents by carving into Wood Bark and working with leather to create beautiful images in different ways.  He is also looking forward to teaching in the schools again. 

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Don't forget Blair is still available to do commissions at any time.

Check out our "Gallery of Sold Artwork" link with many more pieces that have acquired new homes.    

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